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Zares Pest Control, presents ecological solutions that benefit my environment, we are committed to protecting the health of our customers.

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Zares Pest Control was founded in 2013, it is a leading company dedicated to the Service, use of biological and semiochemical products and solutions for pest control and environmental sanitation, with the vision of providing sustainable services that respect the environment, in the integrated pest management, hand in hand with the constant development of innovative and ecological technology, based on the protection of health and biodiversity.

We are constantly improving and evolving our pest control treatments and solutions, with the commitment to achieve quality and the highest level of our ability, thanks to the thorough training of each of our professionals, Biologists, Ecologists, agronomists, chemists, entomologists and technicians.

Our specialized team has managed to synthesize with an effective development, application programs in integrated pest management.

The prestige achieved by Zares Pest Control in its more than 7 years of life, is thanks to the great effort, commitment and quality of its services, uninterruptedly, and the trust placed by each of our clients; At the same time, we have demonstrated our objectives on several continents, for being the number 1 company in the protection of our fauna, ecosystem, environment and flora, choosing safety and strict compliance with the environmental legislation imposed in each country.

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Inspect your home or business from top to bottom, inside and out, looking for current or potential pest problems.


We will use the most advanced techniques according to the problem, so that your spaces are always free of pests.


We will keep in constant observation all the intelligent techniques and equipment available in your service with 24/7 response capacity.

¡ ZARES PEST CONTROL cares for the environment and protects species!

Grupo Zares is a leading company and specialist in pest control, environmental sanitation, disinfection and cleaning, with specialized methods and services in sustainable pest control for the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Why zares pest control? 


We are a company that bets on quality, technology and the development of professionals, constantly training specialists with answers to solve any problem that may arise.

Our ethics is based on the comfort of our clients, taking any problem to a zero tolerance level, Zares Pest Control is the Solution near you.

pest control

We are specialists in urban, industrial and domestic pest control.


We can help you find integrated disinfection solutions with all the security you need.

virus control

Protect yourself from viruses with our help.
Prevention is the first step.

hygiene solutions

We are aware of the importance of hygiene and that is why we offer the best cleaning services.

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    zares Pest control does not give the pest any advantage!
    zares Pest control does not give the pest any advantage!

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